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speaking roses

@ 01:29 AM (113 months, 8 days ago)
Our high-tech multi-functional painter, which was originally designed to be dedicated to make Speaking roses, can paint colorful words and images on a lot of materials, like flowers, leaves, fruits and nail, even mobile phones and reach high resolution of 4800DPI, as clear as a camera.

The painter is very easy to use, just like a common printer. You edit words or images on a computer, connect the painter to the computer, then just paint out the words or images on flowers, like printing on paper. All you need is basic knowledge of a computer. For any beautiful images you can make on a computer, you can paint it on flowers. The machine can paint about 2 or 4 roses each minutes. Here is the procedure to make speaking roses:

First, put a little glue on petals where you want to paint, wait a while until the glue is dry, then put the rose on the bracket in the machine. Now, the rose is ready for painting.
Second, open our application program on your computer and select the words or images you like.
Third, adjust the proportions of words or images to fit the surface of the petal, then just click paint button.
Everything is done now.

All consumables for our machine are ink cartridges (Lexmark Z600 series) and glue. All of them are unexpensive and can be purchased easily in market.

Our machine is made by high technology. It doesn't hurt flowers, and doesn't shorten flower life either. It also has the function of water-proof and rub-proof. The words or images on flowers doesn't fade and keep as long as the flower. And if you like, you can make roses to dry flowers and keep them for a longer time.